WONDER Ultra Fit Facial Pads


Ultra Fit Facial Pads with Newly Renewed with eco-friendly package!

1/2 Half is Enough! Highly absorbent even with little amount and permeated more to save your toner in half with rice grain-shaped pads

Hyperallergenic Multi-functional Facial Pads! Smartest pads which fit perfectly for facial contours and could be used for skin pack on any dried facial parts

Reduce your Toner Usage to 1/2 DOWN! Our facial pads don't dry out easily and soak up less toner allowing more to sink into the skin with only half the usual amount.

Material: Pulp mixed with Rayon

Quantity: 50 pads or 160 pads / Size: 45*70(±1)mm

What it does

Superfine fibers with no fluffs. Smooth out your sensitive skin.


Tip1: Calming Patch: Soak pad with Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner. Place pad on irritated area to calm down your sensitive skin.

Tip2: Ultra-Moisturizing Patch: Soak Pad with Black Rice Hyaluronic Essence. Place the pad on dehydrated, flaky area for 5-10 mins to give boost of hydration deep into your skin.

Tip3: Water-oil Balance Control: Soak pad with Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner (or Serum or Cream) and blend with Black Rice Facial Oil. Place pad on skin to deliver nourishment, to prevent water loss and to balance out your skin.


Pulp mixed with Rayon

Customer Reviews

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Nancy Basile

WONDER Ultra Fit Facial Pads

Serve their purpose

What’s to say about facial pads? I wanted to try them because sheets masks are always too big and don’t fit my face shape.
I am glad to report that they fit perfectly under my eyes (where it counts the most for me) but I wish they were a bit more versatile as they’re not great to use on my forehead or the rest of my face.
I would still try them because the quality and price are good and it’s the type of product you add to your cart last minute to get free shipping anyway.

Great Product

This is a product that makes sense. It reduces wastage of my toner and allows for just enough to get the job done. It is a lot more effective than cotton pads/balls for this application and as with all haru haru products that I use, I keep extranon hand at all times. I really love this line of products :)

Ericka Baldwin
Very Absorbent

Amazing! ABSORBS YET holds the toner for an even application. also great for under-eye masks.

Donna T
Great for Toner Use

Pads do not soak up the toner but evenly spread it on the skin where you want it to be.