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So good!

My skin feels SO much better using this. Looks brighter and even. I feel like since I’ve been using it I’ve been having less trouble with breakouts as well!

Absolutely Amazing

I love it! Very hydrating and non irritating

Best hydrating toner!!

I use this as my daytime toner. The product is actually sort of viscous so i pour it into my hands (amount is about the size of a quarter), and pat it onto my face before the next step. DONT rub it together in your hands or it’ll change to consistency and it’ll get kinda foamy and make your face feel different.
This toner hydrates my face perfectly, leaves it feeling very soft and looking glowy. It’s a must have in my beauty regimen.

The best one

I love it. You can buy with your eyes closed. ♥️

My new must have!

I am new to the idea of toners (unless you count trying Sea Breeze as a teen back in the mid-1980's, which I don't). I saw a few YouTube influencers mention the Black Rice Toner and decided to give it a try. I love it!!! Now I can't picture my skin care routine without it.

Amazing Toner!

I love the Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner! I discovered this after watching the Beauty Within channel on YouTube and this toner has saved my skin! It's very hydrating, it smells like a spa, and it feels very nice on my sensitive skin. I recently purchased the large bundle of 2 large bottles and 1 small bottle because I love it so much!

Black rice hyaluronic cream

LOVE LOVE LOVE this cream! I am a big fan of lavender and didn’t even realize it had lavender oil in it, until after trying it. It is smooth, perfect consistency—rich, but not too thick, non greasy. It smells very aromatherapeutic and very pure. I will be ordering the larger size.

Black rice toner

I love this toner. It feels nice, smells very pure and natural. It goes on smoothly and leaves my skin feeling very supple. Will be ordering more!

Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner, 5.1 fl.oz. (150 ml)

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First time user here. In which order do you use products, Gel, toner, cream, serum...please give feedback. 😋
Thank you


Everything works perfect for for me~

Glowy dewy skin

I really like it so far. I have a combination skin with tendency of cystic acne on my chin and jaw. Using this toner helped the skin look more hydrated and dewy, without feeling greasy. No breakouts too, which is huge!


I'll be buying this again. The texture is A+ and my skin is so happy.

Beautiful Toner

This toner is 100% worth the hype. I have dry, sensitive skin and this toner adds a generous amount of hydration back into my skin while dissolving any remaining dirt and oil left from the day. My serums and creams following this toner absorb faster and work more effectively. I love how easy this toner is to travel with since it’s not glass. I find the lavender scent soothing and enjoyable whenever I reach for this product!

Black Bamboo Mist
remy moncayo
La Neblina

Heat Wave in California. What heat wave? I'm cool as Black Bamboo Mist.

Great product especially for oily skin

I love how light the product is & just absorbs in my skin , however this product is well suited for oily skin or places with humidity because the weather will accommodate for that additional moisture needed.

Best Seller Set
Lydia McClugage
Good Products and Pretty Packaging

slightly sensitive/oily/acne prone skin- also swim in a chlorinated pool 5x a week so chemicals dry my skin.

Toner: I really like the texture and it absorbs into my skin very quickly and doesn't leave a sticky feeling. I really like this after my swim practice, but it works well for the general routine as well.
Serum: This product is a nice consistency and absorbs well. I can use this all around my eyes with no burning or stinging. Only down side would be that after a couple weeks of using it the pump is struggling to work even though there is a lot of product in the bottle.
Moisturizer: This is definitely my favorite of the four products. It is amazingly soft and light. I really hate thick stuffy creams, but sometimes the lighter creams don't give me enough moisture, this does both! I really like this one and would recommend!
Face Peel: This product is okay, it lives up to its name as a face peel and gets the job done, but I don't find anything extraordinary about it.

Overall I have defiantly gained a healthier glow after adding these products into my routine. The package is beautiful and cute as well, which is a little side bonus.

❤️ this line

Lite and clean - but not stripping. My skin is super sensitive and seems to break out to everything . The toner is what sold me on this line. The reparative moisturizer is my FAVORITE ❤️ 😍😍This whole line !!


gave this a try after reading/watching so many good reviews about it. it was worth it! feels sticky at first but absorbs quickly to skin and becomes smooth. my skin is very sensitive and this product is great as a toner

Omg Best Toner Ever!!

Honestly 2 is better than 1!!! This hyaluronic toner is my all time favorite. At first use I was like I’m not sure I like this toner. After I kept using it, my skin loves to drink it all up. My skin has been the best in such a long time with the help of this toner. Great to combo with retinol nights because we know retinol can dry out the skin. This toner will combat that. I recommend this to anyone and everyone!

I’m obsessed!

This toner is fabulous! My skin loves it which can be so tough at times because my skin is so super dry, but my skin eats it up & makes it look amazing. Since using this my skin looks so good! I’ll definitely repurchase. I’ve been so impressed with this brand.

Works absolutely amazing!

This toner does wonders for my skin. I recently found out that using a lesser amount of the product was better for my skin. It’s like a spot treatment! Amazing product!!! Absolutely recommend!