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Customer reviews
LOVE LOVE LOVE this cream! I am a big fan of lavender and didn’t even realize it had lavender oil in it, until after trying it. It is smooth, perfect consistency—rich, but not too thick, non greasy. It smells very aromatherapeutic and very pure. I will be ordering the larger size.
— Dianna Mandaro
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I have been adding Black Rice Hyaluronic Botanical 2GF Wonderful Ampoule for my skincare routine for the last couple of months. Like its name, this ampoule is wonderful and highly effective. I live in SoCal with dry skin, so often my skin feels parched. After using this ampoule consistently, I find that it improved my skin drastically both in elasticity and tightened my pores. Also the fine lines on my forehead has blurred, my skin feels super soft, it almost feels like the wonderful ampoule is working against gravity, redefining my jawline.
And it gets better. I've looked up the ingredients and found out that it's vegan-friendly and fragrance-free, and its glass jar is recyclable!
Just like haruharu wonder black rice toner, this ampoule will stay in my skincare routine forever! I stocked up when it was on sale, so the price was amazing as well;)
I even ditched weekly my sheet mask routine because I don’t need it anymore, how amazing!
— Jessica
Customer reviews
Perfect when needing a refresh!
The Black Bamboo Mist was such a surprise and amazing gift. Honestly, whenever I felt a bit 'lazy' in my morning routine I would wash with the Black Rice Face Wash and utilize the mist right after and go about my day. I live in the Bahamas. I have combo skin of oily and dry, plus I sweat a lot. This product smells great and works well with my face texture.
— Ericka Baldwin
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The Black Rice Moisture 5.5 Soft Cleansing Gel is a super gentle cleanser. My skin type is not only sensitive, but extremely reactive. I am always a little tentative about trying new products. I absolutely love the Black Rice Moisture Cleansing Gel. My face feels clean and moisturized. Don’t hesitate trying this cleanser.
— Janet B
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honestly its the best moisturizer ive ever used. i used to work at a fast food restaurant and i would have so much breakouts. i would apply it where my acne was it would get rid of it within days. i used it twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. it truly cleared my face and im in love with it.

Different, but I LOVE ❤

So I don't usually leave many reviews but I will review this product, I have dry, sensitive, very acne prone skin, I've been fighting a battle with whiteheads ALL over my face for 4 years, it's ruined my life, I was in school to be a esthetician when it started and I dropped out from embarrassment. It hasn't gone away. I've spent thousands of dollars, been to dermatologist, been on the medications. They do help but they really strip and ruined my skin even more.
I watched some videos and found this product line and was really intrigued to try it just because it made sense to me to try something different than the normal strip my face off. I got the peel, the toner, the serum, and the purple (egg) moisturizer, forgot the cleanser (duh) so that is on its way.
These products are like nothing I've used before, and not what I expect 😳 they are luxurious, the toner is more of a light gel that absorbs into the skin, I've never used anything like it, and at first I wasn't sure and then after I did the routine I was like, did I fall out of heaven? It is sooo relaxing, the products have lavender in them, which I love, I've only been using the system for a few days now.
I'm not really sure if it was the best choice for my acne, but it's WAY to soon to actually know for sure. I want to try to clear my acne then use these products, but these clogged pores are my problem, besides that I am loving these products, the serum is probably my favorite, my skin loves it. These products are VERY hydrating so my dryness is really looking up I will say. Overall I am happy with ALL of the products. I would recommend them, and I know I will be buying more. Thank you!!

I've uploaded some pictures of my skin, I am embarrassed but if anyone has any advice I'm going to leave my email here, feel free to reach out! I wash my face religiously, I'm not a dirty person, I didn't have acne when I was young. Any advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated 🙏 you can really see the texture of my face 😢

God bless



Great product!
Easy order, fast delivery!!

Skin loved it!

Bought this product though I was a bit skeptical due to the smell, but honestly my skin loved it. My skin absorbed the oil and left my skin feeling soft.

Hydrating for Oily skin

I was surprised when I used this for my oily\combo skin, and I was not oily. I utilize this after my serum. I recommend it to everyone. YouTube video placeholder
The Best Toner I've ever used

I've used toners that completely stripped my face. The Haru Haru toner leaves my face feeling free and moisturized without film or an oily feeling. YouTube video placeholder
Very Absorbent

Amazing! ABSORBS YET holds the toner for an even application. also great for under-eye masks.

Amazing Face Wash

I have used this wash every day and have seen such a glow on my skin. Since using Haru Haru wash, toner, serum, and cream - I don't even have hormonal bumps anymore during that time of the month - WOW YouTube video placeholder
Rice serum

Love it so far

Perfection in a bottle

This toner leaves my skin feeling hydrated and looking amazing. All the hype is definitely well deserved.

Nice lather

I received Haruharu Black Rice Moisture 5.5 Cleansing Gel as part of the Ageless Beauty Picky Box for test and review purposes. I really like the gel consistency of Haruharu Black Rice Moisture 5.5 Cleansing Gel. I like that this cleansing gel is made with natural ingredients. It only takes a little gel to make a luxurious foam. I didn't like that it was a little too drying for my dry sensitive skin. I felt like after using it my rosacea was going to flare up. I will use it as body wash, just not on my face.

Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner 5.1 fl.oz. (150 ml)

have to agree this is an awesome product and yes - it smells great

My husband is going to try this out with me, but I can say that I noticed an immediate and positive difference in my skin and appearance with this yummy smelling toner. I may become a fan for life!

Just started using it but so far so good

Non irritating and moisturizing

This eye cream worked in lightening my under eyes almost instantly without causing irritation. 10/10


Will change your skin!!

Love love love and love!

A bit pricy for a toner but definitely worth it!!! A little goes a long way and I find it really helps soothe, hydrate, and brighten my skin. I'd buy again and again!

[FREE GIFT] Black Bamboo Mist 80ml
Mark H
Black bamboo mist

Always refreshing and light mist on my face. Seals in my serum and oils to keep , my skin soft and relaxed. My faces enjoys a spritz daily.

Amazing !!

This is literally the best toner I’ve ever used. I love how it keeps my skin super hydrated and it makes it look super plump and soft.

Leaves my skin soft and smooth.

Gentle toner

I was blown away by this toner! It doesn't contain harsh, drying ingredients like most toners I've used in the past. It's hydrating and gentle. If you are sensitive to fragrance, the scent is VERY strong, I like lavender but it can be overwhelming for some. They do make an unscented version so try it!

Gentle peel

I love how gentle this is on my sensitive skin and you feel the results immediately! Skin feels super soft and smooth! Amazing product!

Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner For Sensitive Skin 5.1 fl.oz. (150 ml)


Seen on tiktok so I decided to try normally I dont try products from tiktok but I'm glad I tried this! Just ordered another bottle it has helped my skin the first week I used it my skin did break out but after that my skin started to look way better and it looks real great now! No breakouts skin looks really healthy!!

Love, love, love it!

I usually use South Korean skin care products since they know way more about caring for your skin without the harmful chemicals find in so many North American products. This is the best toner I've tried! Looking forward to trying the cleanser, serum, and cream next!