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We make our products where is a life sciences research lab where content levels of not even 0.0001% of petroleum-extract based substances are tolerated.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I have sensitive combo-normal skin and I'm in my 30's. I tried these products in stages to make sure they didn't bother me, which I really hoped they wouldn't because I've heard such great things. I love that they sell this in a kit because they are, in my opinion, the skin care basics. I love these products. Worth the purchase. Also, I'm ecstatic they have a USA website with reasonable shipping. Woohoo!
— Annie P.
Customer reviews
I love the black rice line of products so much. I don't necessarily think that you need all three products since everything in the black rice line contains similar-ish ingredients, but I would by no means turn any one of these products down in particular if I didn't have the option to choose between the three. I guess it just depends on what kind of product or consistency you want in particular, but they are all good and share the same key components in terms of ingredients.
— Arianna H.
Customer reviews
I loved all of the items in this set very nice effects and application, but I can see some people not enjoying the scent as much as I do.
— Jen Y.
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