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Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner

Solidity from the first step! Infused super ferment energy of Korean grown 100% Black Rice Extract solids from basic skincare, makes the skin texture flexible

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
This toner is 100% worth the hype. I have dry, sensitive skin and this toner adds a generous amount of hydration back into my skin while dissolving any remaining dirt and oil left from the day. My serums and creams following this toner absorb faster and work more effectively. I love how easy this toner is to travel with since it’s not glass. I find the lavender scent soothing and enjoyable whenever I reach for this product!
— Janice T.
Customer reviews
Black Rice Cleansing Oil

I was very skeptical at first, as oil products tend to make me breakout regardless of brand claims, however, this cleansing oil changed my mind. I found it to be very effective even for my stubborn eyeliner and mascara, without aggressive scrubbing. In combination with HaruHaru's cotton facial wipes, this is my go to make up removal product.
— Leslie W.
Customer reviews
LOVE LOVE LOVE this cream! I am a big fan of lavender and didn’t even realize it had lavender oil in it, until after trying it. It is smooth, perfect consistency—rich, but not too thick, non greasy. It smells very aromatherapeutic and very pure. I will be ordering the larger size.
— Dianna M.
Customer reviews
Omg Best Toner Ever!!
Honestly 2 is better than 1!!! This hyaluronic toner is my all time favorite. At first use I was like I’m not sure I like this toner. After I kept using it, my skin loves to drink it all up. My skin has been the best in such a long time with the help of this toner. Great to combo with retinol nights because we know retinol can dry out the skin. This toner will combat that. I recommend this to anyone and everyone!
— Ennei
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We make our products where is a life sciences research lab where content levels of not even 0.0001% of petroleum-extract based substances are tolerated.