Haruharu means “everyday” in Korean.

It is a lifestyle skincare brand that pursues honest beauty with a priority in providing fundamental skincare.
We are passionate about finding the right, healthiest, superfood ingredients and our goals
are to share our daily rituals to everyone to incorporate Haruharu into their precious skincare routine.

How we stand out

Haruharu WONDER have been chosen the best ingredients for you to start off your day without wasting any precious time.

Among plant-based ingredients with the strongest vitality, we prioritize the most needed and best ingredient.

Based on repeated experiment and the data by our own laboratory, we come up with the way to optimize effect and outcome, yet mild and light delivery of active ingredients.


1. Carefully selected superfood ingredients

Not only the main ingredients are ‘Maqui Berry’ and ‘Honey Green Tea’ but also other components are derived 95% from nature.

2. Fermented formula

Applied WONDER’s distinctive natural fermentation technology to increase 4 times of raw ingredients’ effect.

3. Ultra deep technology

Patented biotechnology helps the delivery of effective ingredients really deep into the skin.

4. Reusable coffee cup packaging

Like a cup of coffee everyday, hydrate the skin with WONDER coffee cup cream everyday.

Our Story

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Our Story

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WONDER’s distinctive technology to deliver fermented extract effectively by creating sphere-shaped liposome infused Panax ginseng root ingredient.
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