Haruharu Wonder

Haruharu is a lifestyle skincare brand having 'our daily life' as motive.
We pursue natural life as in part of our daily.

Smart Use + All in One

Skin Hero Haru

Haru is a character fighting against skin trouble monster.
Skin Hero Haru seeks out simple, quick and effective skin treatment.

All About Fermented Ingredients

Black Rice & Black Bamboo

Black Rice contains abundant Anthocyanin (polyphenol) and flavonoid, it's excellent in anti-oxidation effect by helping eliminate active oxygen in skin and anti-aging.

Pure Beauty + Trustworthy Ingredients + Fermentation & Natural Liposome


Fermented skincare with turstworthy ingredient, WONDER brings your skin routine back to basic.
WONDER seeks out 100% nature-orignated skincare.

Superfood Skincare

Maquie Berry + Honey Green

Get younger skin by superfood fermented maqui berry anti-oxidant effect.